6 Ways you can use, to finish writing your ebook less than 30 days from now.

I believe that every writer in this earth must have a deadline in writing.

But mostly experienced this kind of problem.

“ How I want to setting a deadline for my writing? “

Some of the writer did not know how to setting a deadline or in other words, what is the things that we must consider when we want to set a deadline.

This is what I have learned after I read a simple article by Molly King from BookBaby blog post.

What Molly King tell us on what we must have in meeting and setting deadlines?

In a simple and informative article, Molly give us 6 tips that we can use to setting and meeting deadline when we start writing.

This is a few simple tips that are very helpful for sticking to deadline.

1) Think of your book or writing piece as a house you are building from scratch.

A house has to be built in phases, and each of those phases needs a timeline.

2) Set a start date and a finish date for each phase.

Each phase of your writing project should have a day you begin that phase and a day you complete it.

Put it on your calendar.

3) Set realistic timeframes for each phase. If you really think you can write a chapter a day, go for it.

Just make sure you really have that time each day, then block it out, and commit to it.

4) Focus on phase 1 first.

Don’t worry about phase 2 until phase 1 is complete; just focus on phase 1.

5) Make your timeline public.

Friends and family can be great motivators.

Nothing will hold you more accountable than making your deadlines public.

6) Celebrate little victories.

Save the suprise until after you complete your entire book, but make sure to take time to give yourself a little pat on the back for completing each phase.

Then move onto next leg of the journey.

What can we learned from this?

By have this 6 tips, it can help and guide us to finish our writing.

Also, it is clear that deadline is important as a guide and can be our motivation to achieve our mission in writing process.

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