7 Ways become a highly productive writer.

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I believe that almost everybody struggle with this issue as a writer.

“ I want to write something but I don’t know how to start? “

What should you do if you need to write something and you can’t seem to get started.

Can you identify what is the symptoms that stopping you and can you treat them accordingly?

The truth is, sometimes you will faced this symtoms but the good news is, Josh Bernoff got seven great treatment for seven symptoms that the writers always struggle for.

7 Common problems every writer must overcome every day.

#1 – You don’t have an idea

The symptoms is when you try to write, you just have no concept of what you’re doing.

You not only don’t know where to start, you don’t know where you’re going.

Then, the treatment is trying to write without an idea is pointless — anything you produce will be vacuous.

To get an idea, talk to others, interact with creative people, read on the topic, and find something worth saying.

If this occurs, you’re not working hard enough on ideas.

Develop a discipline to find and develop ideas. Make it into a routine part of your work, and it will fuel your writing.

#2 – You don’t have enough material to work with

The symptoms is you get stuck because of lack of arguments, evidence, or points to make.

The treatment is writing without sufficient research is like running without eating first — you’re going to run out of gas.

Stop trying to write and do the research.

You can also cure this problem by allot sufficient time to the research phase of a piece, and spend the research time actually doing research, not procrastinating.

In his writing survey, people on a writing project spent an average of 45% of their time on research.

#3- You don’t know how to start

The symptoms is you have many possible paths forward, but can’t seem to pick one.

Then, the treatment that you do is you should have a roadmap for your piece before writing.

Make a fat outline to organize the ideas first.

Then write to the outline.

You can cure this problem for anything longer than 750 words, block out the structure before writing.

#4 – You’ve written yourself into an impasse

The symptoms is you’re in the middle of a piece but have reached a dead end with no way forward.

Then, the treatment that you should do is skip over the sketchy part and write a different part of the piece.

Then go back and rearrange pieces when you see how it fits together.

You can cure this problem by remember that you can always rearrange things or delete pieces that don’t fit.

You’re using a word processor, not a quill pen on a parchment scroll.

#5 – You put off writing until later

The symptom is you keep doing other things even though you ought to be writing.

Then, the treatment for you is you need a deadline to motivate you.

Promise the piece to someone by a given date. Then use fear to get yourself going.

Always cure this problem by write on a deadline, with a reward for hitting the deadline and a penalty for missing it.

#6 – You hate what you’re writing

The symptom is you are suffused with feelings of boredom or disgust about the topic.

Then, treatment you should do is find new ways to enliven the topic.

Talk to inspiring people, find a new spin, or just take a break.

Always cure this problem by change beats or change jobs.

#7 – Nothing can motivate you

The symptoms is you hate the thought of writing so much that deadlines make no difference.

Then, the treatment for yous is this is not a writing problem, it’s an emotional problem.

Talk to a therapist about why you’re depressed.

How to cure this problem, if something else is depressing you, take care of it.

If writing is what’s depressing you, take a long break and do something else.

Take a deep breath, it’s normal for every writer in this world

There are a lot of symptoms that can occur in your long journey to become a writer.

So, just take a deep breath and treat your problems accordingly on this guide symptoms and treatment.

Cure your main problem to make your journey in writing is easy for you.

As we can learned from Josh Bernoff, it is important to find a symptoms that apply to you and treat them accordingly.

I would love to add one more important things, the word from Will Self,

“Always carry a note-book. And I mean always. The short-term memory only retains information for three minutes, unless it is committed to paper you can lose an idea for ever “ – Will Self.

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