5 Ways to write fast and create great content that your readers love to read.

Almost everybody struggle with this issue,

“How to get more ideas and write fast.”

Especially when you are first starting out.

The truth is, creating high quality content does take some time.

But the good news is, Marie Forleo got eight great strategies to help you create high quality content even faster.

#1 – Change your internal mind first.

Flip your script.

If you want to change anything in your life, you first have to take look at your internal script.

For example,

1) What are you saying to yourself?

2) What is the story you are telling yourself about the thing you want to change?

For example, if you are telling yourself,

“I’m a really slow writer and it takes me forever to write my blogpost.”

Guess what?

You will be a really slow writer and it will take you forever to write your blogpost.

You subconscious mind is a very powerful little biatch. You want it to listen to you, not the other way around.

So, before you do anything else, flip your internal script first.

#2 – Always focus on your end result.

Begin with the end in mind.

You want to think about your end result.

What is the thing that you want your reader to walk away with?

What action, if any, do you want them to take?

Then you have to reverse-engineer your content to get them there.

Need example?

As Marie Forleo was creating the answer to this very question, she asked herself,

“What do I want you to walk away with after this video?”

(She is using video to share her content)

And what’s her answer?

A highly actionable list of things that will help you to write faster and a video that you’d want to share with your friends.

#3 – Keep a running topic list of all your ideas.

Keep a topic list.

This is the truth.

You waste a ton of time trying to figure out what you should write about in the first place.

Here’s the fix.

Keep a running topic list of all your ideas.

For example, if you get inspired by magazine articles or interviews or anything you watched on TV, write it down.

Or something really good that really works for Marie Forleo is questions that people ask you all the time, great fodder for content.

So you can use your notebook or use Google Docs or you can use Evernote which is amazing.

Or you can even use your iPhone and get little Miss Siri to help you out.

#4 – Short content does work. As long as it is useful.

Make it short and sweet.

High quality content does not mean long content.

Sometimes the best way to serve your audience is to make it short and sweet.

Remember, nobody is not going to read your content because it is too short.

So try just sharing at least one tip or one idea.

#5 – Spend 1 hour planning out your content.

Plan it out.

Create an editorial calendar for your content.

You want to spend about 1 to 2 hours planning out your content for the next three to six months.

This takes the decision out of what you are going to write about each week and it just plans everything out for you so when its time to write, you just go to your plan, you follow your plan and you are done.

And as you are writing your content, you don’t have to wonder,

“Should I include this whole section here, or should I save it for another post?”

You can just go to your editorial calendar and you will say,

“Oh! This idea going to be great for July 5th.”

What is the best tips for you to take action now?

I have lots of respect on Marie Forleo.

Not only because she is a successful enterpreneur. But she knows well on how to write better, faster and smarter.

The one thing that I love to practice now is,

“Short content does work. As long as it is useful.”

You don’t need to write long content. It will burn you out most of the time.

You can start today by sharing 1 simple content at a time.

It is important to keep you writing momentum going.

Believe me, once you write 1 short content, it will fuel you up to write more and more content.

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